Revival Southern Food Truck recently started parking in Downtown Memphis. A few weeks ago I had a meeting in the area, so I decided to check out the latest addition to the local food truck scene. 

Revival has a variety of sliders, tacos and other Southern fare, and they serve a daily meat-and-two “hot plate” with a roll. When I went, the meat was a chicken and sausage etouffée. Since I arrived later in the afternoon, the only sides available were greens and fries.

The portion was huge and well worth the $7.50. The etouffee was full of meat and the greens were a little sweet and a little vinegary (just how I like them). The fries were crispy and thin-cut.

I also got a Diet Coke for $1.50. I’ve heard the Krispy Kreme bread pudding is delicious but I couldn’t finish my lunch, much less save room for dessert. Service was friendly and efficient.

To find out where Revival is parked and what they’re serving for the day, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They take Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

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