I’d heard some raves about Tycoon: namely that their tom yum soup is the best in town. Craving noodles on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to check the place out. 

Tycoon’s in a shopping center pretty close to the intersection of Kirby and Mt. Moriah in Hickory Hill. I think there’s a nail place next door and a convenience store a couple bays over. As I approached the front door I was overwhelmed by the smell of marijuana, so I think someone was smoking in a parked car. (Not one of the ones in the photo.)

There were a few people waiting for to-go orders when I walked in, but not an employee in sight. Unsure of what to do, I grabbed a to-go menu and sat down at one of the several empty tables. The “world famous” menu claims the “best Asian food in town.” “According to whom?” I wondered.  

Several minutes passed before a young women walked up to the front counter and started changing the radio station. Finally she saw me and asked if I wanted to eat there or order to-go.

"Here," I said. A man then brought me a leatherbound menu and asked me what I wanted to drink.

My husband and I decided to go pescetarian for June after a month of horrible eating habits (it’s called Memphis in May) so the famous tom yum was out of the question. I opted for an order of cold spring rolls and seafood soup.

The menu only said the seafood soup had shrimp, scallops and crabmeat so I was pretty surprised when my bowl arrived full of squid, octopus, mussels and… “crabmeat.”

I spit out the first bite of “crabmeat” I had and picked out the rest. It was spongy like tofu and the purplish color looked painted-on. I know restaurants use imitation crab but I’m not sure what that stuff was other than “yuck.” 

Other than that, though, the soup was good. So were the spring rolls.

My bill came to $15 which I’d say is pretty reasonable for a drink, spring rolls and a huge bowl of noodle soup. Tycoon is open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. most days and they deliver to “most of East Memphis and Germantown.”

Tycoon Noodle Shop
3307 Kirby Pkwy
Memphis, TN 38115

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