So I was meeting with my friend Kerry about a project we’re working on, when the topic of adventurous lunches came up. I’d mentioned that I’ve been on a mission to “make lunch count” on my rare days off, and she suggested I check out Chow Time. (You can read about her Chow TIme experience here.)

It’s a combination Chinese/soul food buffet close to the Tennessee/Mississippi state line. And it’s really, really cheap. So cheap that you don’t expect the food to be even edible.

But to my surprise, a lot of it was. Some, I’d even say, was “pretty good.”

I went alone. I was escorted to my table by some kind of security officer, and a server quickly arrived to take my drink order. 

"I’ll have a Diet Coke," I said, not because I was trying to be ironic but because it’s what I prefer. 

Chow Time carries Pepsi products. I told her Diet Pepsi was fine and my drink was on the table when I returned from the ”Southern Home Cookin’” station. 

The soul food station had more choices than the Chinese — like neckbones, pigs feet, and other stuff I steer clear of. The Chinese bar was pretty standard, with options similar to the New Hunan buffet by my house.

I ate a lot more of my first plate than my second. But I couldn’t figure out whether it was because I liked the soul food better, or because I was full.

So I went to check out the desserts. Honestly, this was my favorite part. I was NOT expecting mini napoleons! The carrot cake was tasty too. But to my disappointment I found no “I ate at Chow Time and lived to blog about it” T-shirts for sale.

Chow Time
4207 Hacks Cross Rd
Memphis, TN 38125
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